About us

thread Sheeter

Escapeágueda Lda in Portugal started its activity in 1984 as a small workshop specialising in the installation and repair of exhaust systems for vehicles and machines. In 2015 we opened a new page in our history, with a change of premises occupying now a 1000 m2 space and adding a manufacturing area in the field of metalworking. At the factory, we highlight the services of rolling screw spindle and thread milling in Portugal.

We propose to satisfy and serve our customers by producing and selling products that meet their needs in the areas in which we operate. We want to highlight the excellent service in the region.

Through sustainable growth, based on the quality of our products and services, we want to keep up with the growing demands of the market, creating new challenges in creative and operational.

Our activity is mainly focused on two distinct areas. On the one hand, we offer a complete set of solutions for exhaust systems for all types of vehicles. This service is done in our workshop. On the other hand, a section factory, with effective and efficient response in engineering services involving thread rolling pipe, thread milling, tube forming, tube bending, among others.

If you’re having doubts that we can respond to your needs, feel free to visit ask us or set up a meeting with us.
We are here to work as a team.